Alex migrated at age 16 from Guadalajara, Mexico as an Economical Refugee to the Coachella Valley in 2003. His first months of resilience in the country were taught by his mother as she was forced to relocate in a shelter of domestic violence to give her children a better life.

Aldana’s  previous work has consisted in the past 7 years on providing health services, HIV testing, advocacy and resources  to migrant undocumented  LGBTQ migrant youth in California.

His commitment to the community has been reflected from creating a needed dialogue  at The United States Conference on AIDS , advocating deportation cases  with the Immigrant Youth Coalition.

Contribution to several grassroots efforts include, at a national level, participating in the Campaign for an American DREAM & the OFA Office’s occupations in Denver, which  pushed president Obama for an Executive Order to stop the deportations. At a local and state level, he had infiltrated policy actions, targeting Governor Brown’s  and Janet Napolitano’s appointment in the UC System in California as well as blocking deportation buses in San Francisco. He is also one of the three subjects for the filmGay Latino LA: Coming of Ageand a featured walker from American Dreamers.

Prior to leaving the US in 2013, Alex  worked and lived in the San Francisco Bay Area working withLYRIC Causa Justa, developing and directing the first-of-its kind “UndocuWorkforce” a pilot program run for/by undocumented queer youth that have no legal status to work on social justice/culture organizing skills.


Recent Work

Some of his recent work consisted on self-deporting  from the US back to Mexico as an international organizers for the third “Bring them Home” Campaign with theNational Immigrant Youth Alliance, which fought to reunite 150 immigrant families organizing inside CCA Detention facility.  Through artwork and writing, he is currently focusing on healing work and support on previously detained migrants. He’s palabra is also being published in the anthology "Home in Time of Displacement" by Undocumenting and Culturestrike

He is currently working at Children's Hospital Los Angeles under the The HYM Research Study and lab management of HIV/STI Testing.

After months in detention,Alex is currently free, fighting his asylum case under parole and his right to stay with his family and community.